Famous for being one of the most popular symbols of ancient Egypt with the meaning of Life and Eternity, was often used combined with two other symbols in the maxim: “Life, Prosperity, and Health”, Ankh – Wedja – Seneb. Also called Key of Life or Cross of Life, it has come to us in different variants but always bringing the same energies and values of hope, union, well-being, and life. 

 The highest part, formed by one of the most recurring figures of Sacred Geometry is the Circular section. The circle represents the All, the Perfection, the Completeness, the Divine’s Plan. This figure is rested and joined on the horizontal arm of the Tao symbolizing the material world where mankind exists. The union of these two previous parts continues on the vertical arm of T. This last element is “the product of the Divine force that enlivens the matters” (Giovanni Grasso) and it supports the above two entities. The exact proportions of Tao are very important: the union of the two ends of the horizontal axis and the tip at the bottom of the vertical axis, make exactly an Equilateral Triangle. The triangle has been for ages an important symbol for mankind, Like the Trinity of Reality or the Link between Men with the Divine. As all the sacred geometries, even The Ankh key can be easily found in Nature, both in the micro and in the macro. A curious example, very close to us, is visible in the „Willis’s Polygon or Circle”. It is an arterial anastomosis system placed at the base of our skull and is formed by the encounter of some big arteries that closely remind the Ankh Key. Another example in nature is visible in the images of the Terrestrial magnetic field deformed by the solar wind: the field lines draw a very close figure to the Ankh’s representation.

ANKH The Key of Life, siliconе...

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