• HDPE plastic


  • 4 x HDPE plastic MOLDS

– 1 x Golden Pentagonal 50mm base
– 1 x Giza 80mm base
– 1 x Tetrahedron 60mm base
– 1 x Pentagonal 60mm base


The molds are set of four assorted pyramids with different geometry.

For the creation of the Golden pentagonal pyramid is used regular star polygon. It has five corner vertices and intersecting edges, while the concave decagon, has ten edges and two sets of five vertices. The five vertices create the triangles of the pyramid and the polygon forms the base. This form contains the Golden ratio proportion.

The Great Pyramid of Giza/Cheops pyramid, built by the ancient Egyptians, is a symbol of their power in their time period and their strong religious beliefs. The pyramid texts found inside of pyramids are made specifically for religious purposes concerning the journey the pharaohs took in the afterlife. These pyramids would be the tombs in which the reigning pharaoh will be placed after they die and are filled with religious texts to guide them through the afterlife.
According to some mathematical theories, The Great Pyramid is based on the golden ratio proportion especially the golden triangle.

The first of the Platonic solids is the Tetrahedron having 4 equilateral triangle sides and symbolizing the element of fire. Тhe power of fire and the power present in the tetrahedron are beneficial for the creation of change but they need to be handled with utmost care.

The Pentagonal pyramid is a pyramid named after its pentagonal base, it contains The Golden ratio know as Phi in math. This number could be found everywhere: plants, the structure of our body, DNA even in the Solar system.  The renowned Greek philosopher even called it ‘the key to the physics of the cosmos’.

Weight218 g


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No, releasing lubricants needed, however, feel free to use one if you desire.

For our plastic molds, we use HDPE 300 and for our silicone molds, we use platinum cured, food-safe silicone.

When casting you should use the pre-glazing technique, in order to prevent any stones or metal shavings being in direct contact with the side of the mold, in order to do that when you pour the resin into the mold you do it by spreading a thin layer of resin on the inside part of the mold, just cover the sides with resin, it will form that thin layer that will prevent any shavings or stones showing up on the final castings. You should do that every time you are pouring resin into the mold. When you are closing the mold the first thing you need to do is to place tape along the open side of the mold, then to tighten the mold you can place one or a few more strings of tape across the edge horizontally until you close the gap complacently.

All silicone molds are FDA food safe approved, HDPE molds also can be used for casting food but they can not be heated when containing food

These molds can be used for resin, Candle making, Jewelry making, Molding & Casting, Sculpture, Soapmaking & bath.

Yes, but the lifespan of the molds won’t be so long. We use platinum cured silicone, not cheap tin cured one, the number of castings greatly depends on the chemistry of the resin used, the slower the curing the better as the heat released from the resin is less. There can be issues from the temperature that the resin build wile curing, we do recommend using layers when casting in the molds as you limit the heat this way.

Four Pyramids Mold Set, Golden...