• HDPE plastic


  • 1 x HDPE plastic MOLD


The mold is based on the geometry of the regular octahedron part of The Platonic solids.

The regular octahedron is a polyhedron composed of eight equilateral triangles.

The octahedron, according to Plato and the other Pythagoreans, is associated with air.
The AIR element is the only element that is necessary for the alchemy of each of the other three. Air is absolutely essential for the creation of fire, integral for the transportation of water, and vital as the breath of Earth. The transformational relationship air has with each of these three elements, carrying and spreading ashes, water molecules, and plant life, so that each may begin again.

Weight153 g
Dimensions178 × 154 × 12 mm
OCTAHEDRON 124.77mmx88.24mm,Or...