We only use platinum-cured silicone of the highest quality!

Suitable for resin art, concrete, gypsum, wax, and even for baking food. Our clients use it for making orgonites, candles, chocolates, soaps.

The Tree of Life in its various forms is recognized in all cultures as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. The term tree of life may also be used as a synonym for a sacred tree linked to the concept of Cosmic Creation. Another common feature of all the designs of the Tree of Life is the Roots that in this case are similar to the Celtic knots and are always very dense and intricate. In addition, the Roots are always connected to the Branches at least at one point inside the symbol. The meanings of this draw are also associated with the tree in the garden of Eden, as a symbol of a source of life and nourishment. The branches symbolize the “Heavens” and the intricate roots symbolize the Origins of Humanity. These two types of meanings are not distant or disconnected from each other but they come together by finding a meeting point. The Tree of Life is also a symbol of the connection between Mother Earth and the Universe, in which the trunk represents the connection between the “earth floor” and the “celestial floor”: the Man, like the Tree, is the son of heaven and earth, and he is the intersection point and key link between everything that is up and all that is down. The Tree of Life is also present in Sumerian cultures where it was a symbol of divine Creation in Inanna’s myth. She is who planted the sacred Huluppu tree. We can go on by tracing it in America in the ancient Cherokee traditions. The Tree of Life has been handed down from different cultures in different places but it transports the same universal Creation values.

Weight45 g
Dimensions70 × 70 × 15 mm


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No, releasing lubricants needed, however, feel free to use one if you desire.

For our plastic molds, we use HDPE 300 and for our silicone molds, we use platinum cured, food-safe silicone.

When casting you should use the pre-glazing technique, in order to prevent any stones or metal shavings being in direct contact with the side of the mold, in order to do that when you pour the resin into the mold you do it by spreading a thin layer of resin on the inside part of the mold, just cover the sides with resin, it will form that thin layer that will prevent any shavings or stones showing up on the final castings. You should do that every time you are pouring resin into the mold. When you are closing the mold the first thing you need to do is to place tape along the open side of the mold, then to tighten the mold you can place one or a few more strings of tape across the edge horizontally until you close the gap complacently.

All silicone molds are FDA food safe approved, HDPE molds also can be used for casting food but they can not be heated when containing food

These molds can be used for resin, Candle making, Jewelry making, Molding & Casting, Sculpture, Soapmaking & bath.

Yes, but the lifespan of the molds won’t be so long. We use platinum cured silicone, not cheap tin cured one, the number of castings greatly depends on the chemistry of the resin used, the slower the curing the better as the heat released from the resin is less. There can be issues from the temperature that the resin build wile curing, we do recommend using layers when casting in the molds as you limit the heat this way.

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