We only use platinum-cured silicone of the highest quality!

Suitable for resin art, concrete, gypsum, wax, and even for baking food. Our clients use it for making orgonites, candles, chocolates, soaps.

Among some of the most famous and used symbols is the symbolic representation of two different counterparts: “Yin” the black and “Yang” the white. They can be translated literally from the Chinese as “the sunny side of the hill” and “the shadowy side of the hill”. They symbolize two arguments in opposition to each other such as Day and Night, White and Black, Positive and Negative, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water, Passive and Active, Clear and Dark, Heavens, and Earth. These two halves are not only in sharp contrast, but they are both necessary to complete the formation of the Circle, which is the representation of Everything, of the Universe, of Perfection. There are also two small spheres that are in contrast to the half in which they are positioned. In the clear white part, a small portion of black is placed in, and in the dark black one vice-versa. This symbolizes that there isn’t math and pure completeness in each of the two halves, but there is also a little portion of the opposite “Element”.

Symbol dating back to the ancient Chinese philosophy, probably born from the observation of the day and night cycle. Two moments in contrast to each other, but fundamental in the same measure for the passing of the day and of the Life. It is the graphic representation of the perfect equilibrium that exists between opposing forces, in everything that is material and spiritual.


Weight45 g
Dimensions70 × 70 × 15 mm
Yin Yang, silicone mold, 50mm